About Archery Animals

Archery Animals is created by Andris Kuzņecovs and Inga Čigone.  

        Andris had an idea about creating 3D targets. Being an archer since 2009 at first with longbow, then with compound, his initial passion and hobby has grown into a serious sport and an integral part of his life. Together with other archers, Andris has founded and manages the Latvian archery club "Savage Archer" that joins archers from all over Latvia and regularly holds archery competitions. Since 2010, Andris has participated in all European and world IFAA championships that were organized in Europe, and in recent years he has achieved excellent results. In 2022, Andris is the European champion in the BB-C class at the EIAC2022 in Finland, also beating 3 world records there, and at the EBHC2022 in France. 

    During his career in archery, Andris has had the opportunity to get to know and try archery 3D targets produced by many leading companies, evaluate their quality and design, always thinking about what could be improved. It was almost a foregone conclusion that he should try to make the ideal 3D target model by himself.

Inga joined archery in 2014 and now shoots with compound. She has participated in various archery competitions in the Baltic States and debuted in EBHC2022 in France. She also is a judge in WA archery competitions in Latvia.

By combining their ideas, knowledge and passion, Andris and Inga created the Archery Animals project in 2020 and the production and sales of 3D targets went on. At the beginning, there were only few 3D animal targets, but now more and more new bigger and smaller animal targets and shooting boxes are actively joining the Archery Animals world. Having gained the recognition and appreciation in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Archery Animals is going to meet European archers with a look into future to be well known worldwide. 

Archery Animals 3D animals are modelled by professional sculptors and artists, where each model is a unique work of art. Using the latest technology and the highest quality PU raw materials, the perfect formula is found for each 3D model to be ideal for shooting with any type of bow and crossbow. 

All 3D models are carefully tested in cooperation with the archers of the Savage Archer sports club. Tests have proven that they can withstand a shot from both traditional bows and the most powerful compound, and that their material is very grateful, durable and long-lasting. When the arrow is pulled out, after a moment the shot point closes. The targets are coloured by dyes and pigments in the production and then each 3D model is handpainted in details.

Archery Animals 3D targets provide both functional quality and aesthetic pleasure!